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I travel across Australia and take photos of everyday scenery, life, and events.  On this page, I place information and blog posts relating to my attempt to lose weight, follow a low-carb diet and general health ideas.  I try to live with a minimal amount of chemicals in my life.

In my blog, I share information about the actions I take, as well as websites and products I use, and I do the same through my social media profiles. My blog is all about me, my life, thoughts, and ideas. I am a real person and hope to show this, I am not just a blogger.

I have a separate blog about my life and business together with a separate Facebook page.

I do wish to make money online as my business model and I do join appropriate affiliate programs as I go so my posts may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase from one of my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I plan on adding some pins as time goes by that are affiliate links to purchase products.

The Bio section of Facebook is very limited so I have just added a few keywords that relate to the areas of life that I am particularly interested in.

My banner, at the top of this and my Facebook page, expands on my personal interests a little further.  I trust you will find this information a little more informative than is able to be provided through my Facebook bio.